Best Enterprise Password Management Tools Reviews 2023

The service is popular with users and is a strong choice for MSPs looking for a dedicated password manger to use and offer to clients. From a central console, admins have an overarching view of password health across their organization, as well as a detailed insight into user activity and any breached domains. From this dashboard, admins can enforce strong organization-wide password policies, as well as recover accounts . Customers praise 1Password for how easy it is to create and manage secure passwords and access them quickly when they need to. This service is convenient and secure – Expert Insights recommends 1Password to organizations of all sizes looking for a trusted password management solution.

What is the best enterprise password manager

But features like advanced security reports and encrypted file storage cost extra. NordPass Business helps teams to better manage password security with an end-to-end encrypted secure vault for storing user credentials, credit cards, notes, and other personal information. Bitwarden is customizable, allowing users to easily set up in the cloud or self-host for total data control.

The best password manager

Family subscriptions can also help you save on costs while keeping everyone’s information safe. Finally, you want to have good auto-fill performance, including for multiple-page logins. LastPass isn’t the only password manager to succumb to a breach, however. Many Norton LifeLock users recently had their accounts hacked via a credential stuffing attack, with the company warning them that unwarranted access to their suite’s password manager may be possible. All the best password managers are very safe, using the best encryption methods to store your passwords securely. If you ever want to change or update your password for an existing account, you can do this too.

What is the best enterprise password manager

Keeper Business also includes two-factor authentication accessible through text message, time-based passwords, and smartwatch or physical FIDO keys, adding multiple extra layers of security for your employees. The best password managers help protect your personal and financial data, and choosing one should be based on features like ease of use, added security financial features, and free options. If that is what you want, we like KeePassXC, which operates like a traditional password manager but stores data only locally. This means you cannot easily access your passwords on a phone or a second computer unless you manually move files between devices.

NordPass for Business

However, some features require a paid plan, beginning at $2.92 monthly for a personal account. It also means that you aren’t going to get things like 1GB of encrypted file storage, one-to-many sharing, or any of the features you’d expect from other password managers on the list, and that’s by design. NordPass is available to businesses of up to 250 users in a one-year plan for $3.99/month. If your team is larger than that, the Enterprise plan offers support for an unlimited number of people, and pricing is determined on a case-by-case basis. Using the Encrypter Vault, you can store your entire team’s logins all in one place, and create new passwords as needed with the Password Generator.

  • LastPass might be best for a professional in need of a password management solution for a desktop or phone.
  • Though it’s still in beta, Keys is already a feature-rich password manager that’s intuitive and user-friendly.
  • In many ways, password managers are safer than companies that actually store their customers’ data and passwords.
  • Admins will be able to manage user identities, configure policies, and view reports within a cloud-based admin portal.
  • Not long ago, for example, the desktop version gained the ability to switch between accounts without needing to log out and back in again, useful if you have one for business and one for personal credentials.
  • We dismissed most other password managers for lacking one or more features, such as not participating in third-party security audits or not supporting one or more of our desired operating systems.

There’s also an interesting feature that allows you to send secure information using a temporary web link, which is pretty handy if you often need to exchange sensitive data like family passwords. The alarming nature of that latest data breach has severely undermined trust in the company’s security tool for individual consumers and businesses. It’s a powerful password manager, but geared primarily toward the techie crowd. The interface is outdated and cumbersome to navigate compared to what other password managers offer.

Best Password Manager for Businesses: NordPass

This integration allows you to create an email alias and password when creating new accounts, a feature that’s limited to Fastmail accounts in 1Password. All versions of 1Password and Bitwarden support logging in with your face or fingerprint, depending on what biometric authentication options your computer, phone, or tablet offers. We recommend using this feature on iOS and Android especially, where typing in a long master password multiple times a day will cost you time and annoy you. Both apps can replace iOS’s and Android’s built-in password-autofill features and can work in apps as well as on websites.

What is the best enterprise password manager

Bitwarden is cross-platform, available for Linux, macOS, Windows, Android and iOS. If your company likes to do a bit of extra good with its purchases, Sticky Password has you covered with its manatee-saving mission, but that’s not all. Dashlane Password Manager provides companies with everything they need to onboard new employees, manage permissions and monitor security issues all from one place. Dashlane Premium also includes advanced features such as SAML-based single sign-on, unlimited password sharing, password changer, VPN for Wi-Fi protection, secure file storage, dark web monitoring and priority support. Once you or an employee has a password manager app installed and set up, the password manager does much of its job automatically. When you log into a secure site, your password manager offers to save your credentials, so it can fill in the information when you return to the site later.

What’s the difference between LastPass Teams and Enterprise?

You can also request a demo and try it out with a 30-day free trial before committing. While lots of competing password managers like 1Password and Dashlanehave easy-to-use interfaces, PassCamp is so intuitive that I think literally anyone could use it. While this would mitigate some of the issues around lost passwords, and potentially save your company the odd headache here and there, it’s simply not worth it in the long run. The lack of central oversight of your employees details could lead to issues, and should a member of staff leave the company, they could potentially take their login details with them via their password manager. As with other similar services, Dashlane allows your employees to store 1GB of files in its secure notes section, which can be kept private, or made accessible to other teams or individuals. If you’ve used a personal password manager, you’ll have some idea of what to expect from a business-focused solution.

Unless you’re storing it on your own device, you’ll need to trust the third-party cloud service you’re using just like you’d need to trust any other password manager with your vault. But with your vault stored locally on your device, you can access your vault items while offline or in areas of limited internet access. But remembering dozens of complex and unique codes for every website and service is a serious headache.

Best Multi-Device Platform

It’s also worth noting that LastPass is owned by GoTo, which produces remote access and work tools like LogMeIn and GoToMeeting. If you’re looking for new tools in that space, packaging them with LastPass may help save some money. We felt the SpecOps team was available and cloud enterprise password management helpful throughout the experience. Kelly is an SMB Editor specializing in starting and marketing new ventures. Before joining the team, she was a Content Producer at Fit Small Business where she served as an editor and strategist covering small business marketing content.

What is the best enterprise password manager

You can also choose advanced SSO and MFA add-ons with the Business plan. LastPass has one of the most intuitive admin dashboards of all the password managers I tested. Even without much IT expertise, I found it easy to add new team members and enforce specific security settings (like requiring everyone to use multi-factor authentication). Integrating the program into my company’s active directory software was also a breeze.

Our list of the best solutions that protect your business accounts by securely managing your passwords.

The average cost of a data breach to a company is $4.24 million, according to The International Business Machine Corporation’s Cost of a Data Breach Report 2021. From password managers to backup software, here are the apps and services everyone needs to protect themselves from security breaches and data loss. Most password managers with iOS and Android apps can autofill usernames and passwords both on websites and in apps, replacing the built-in autofill features in those operating systems.

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