How to Emphasize Remote Work Skills on Your Resume

Thus, you communicate that you have a good track record, and the hiring manager doesn’t have to read each job posting to understand whether this was a remote position or not. How did you collaborate with other people in the office on shared projects? Even if you used all these things with an in-person team, these are exactly the kinds of skills and experiences you need to be successful as a remote employee. “My top tip for creating a great employee experience for remote workers is to prioritize listening to the needs of current employees, including optimizing employees’ mental health and well-being.

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Folks in other timezones and countries will miss out on that information, and sometimes this can make it harder to be effective at your job. Employees saw flexibility as a benefit even while a global pandemic restricted our movements, or forced many of us to work with kids running around during lockdown. A second goal of the survey was to learn people’s favorite benefits of remote work. I shared a selection of remote perks and asked respondents to select all the ones they found valuable. While it won’t surprise you that nearly 83% of people like avoiding their commute, nearly as many—82%—also enjoy the flexibility remote work offers. We’re now a year into massive remote work experiment driven by necessity and marked with trial and error.

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Keep these tips in mind when crafting your strategy for engaging remote employees. Just because you aren’t all gathered in an office doesn’t mean work from home experience you don’t have a team or company culture. That’s why it’s important to focus on building a healthy and productive culture from the start.

  • And because much of your work and communication will be through online channels, it’s crucial that you have quality security in place, including secure internet access and anti-virus software.
  • Never submit a resume in a rush – a few typos here and there can turn off the hiring managers.
  • However, you can slightly shift the setup to make it known that you performed the work remotely.
  • Leverage the work they’ve done to tailor your resume to show that you’re exactly what they’re looking for.

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, remote work has demonstrated a 44% growth over 5 years. Currently, 88% of companies encourage or require employees to work from home. Join EPAM Anywhere for full-time remote jobs with the freedom to pick your preferred project. In this article, you’ll find six tips, two remote job resume examples, and a CV template you can use to ace your next remote job application. As Chief Editor, Darya works with our top technical and career experts at EPAM Anywhere to share their insights with our global audience.

Example 1: Demonstrate remote skills in the experience section

I had wonderful co-workers, but my idea of a perfect lunch is sitting alone in a park, listening to a podcast. Ultimately, looking back, there have definitely been some bumps on my remote journey, but the overall experience has been very positive. I don’t expect I’ll go back to traditional in-office employment any time soon. The goal of this blog post was to share my experiences as a remote worker, with the hope that it provides a bit of clarity around whether or not remote work could be a good fit for you.

If you cannot present the examples of work, consider showing it off in the form of case studies in a blog. When you apply for a hybrid or remote position, you should have in mind to enhance the skills that will demonstrate to the hiring managers that you are dependable and responsible in your remote job. Once you’ve identified your remote skills, you have to figure out how to put them on your resume. While “working with clients in another country” is one way to go, to make your remote job resume stand out from the others, you’ll need to make it clear that you’re the right remote employee for this role. Understanding this, companies can build more inclusive and equitable remote work policies that attract and retain top talent from anywhere in the world. Professional development is a key driver of employee engagement—whether they’re in the office or remote.

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Now that you’ve built out your master resume, it’s time to add remote skills that show why you’re a good fit for a remote work environment. Remember, remote work requires a specific set of skills that you need to highlight. The less-structured nature of remote work and hybrid schedules means that an ability to adapt to changing circumstances is a huge plus. If you’ll be leading a team of people who are working remotely or on a hybrid schedule, be explicit about your ability to manage employees without being face to face. In Part II of this blog post series, we’ll look at how to go about finding your first remote job, and how to ensure that it’s setting you up for success.

  • Yet, if you worked from home not 100% of your time but on Thursdays and Fridays only, the best way to address it is in a job description.
  • But, that doesn’t mean you won’t be a productive and successful remote employee.
  • And though that doesn’t mean you’re not a part of a team, remote employers expect you to be independent.
  • How do you collaborate on projects and manage a crisis when everyone is scattered around the globe?
  • This option is a bit less popular since one it’s not easy to understand at a glance that you worked remotely.

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